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Distributed measurements – A system architecture and an application example


      Recent technological advances at the web programming level and availability of different micro-controllers with embedded Internet services offer new opportunities for building the distributed measurement systems for remote monitoring and control of physical parameters. The paper describes an example of system architecture for distributed measurements, based on client/ server application. The transaction server is connected to the net of different types of micro-controllers with embedded network hardware and TCP/IP stack and standard industrial interfaces like I2C, Serial RS232/RS485, CAN2.0B, 1-Wire., SPI, etc. The integration of several industrial standard interfaces improves the flexibility of the system, because different type of sensors could be connected to the micro-controllers for measuring and monitoring various physical parameters. The paper illustrates the proposed system architecture with an example of distributed measurements of temperature and humidity in the Network research laboratory, TU-Sofia, branch Plovdiv.

Key words

      Distributed measurements, distributed embedded system, industrial interfaces.


      Conference paper, Electronika‘06, Sofia, (01-02) June 2006, pp. 167-172, ISBN: 954-90209-8-3.


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