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An example of distributed measurement system employing web-based micro-controller DS TINIm400

(in Bulgarian)


      Web-based development board, Dallas TINIm400, incorporated the advances of Java technologies, TCP/IP stack and integrated Web server. These modern technologies are combined in TINIm400 micro-controller with standard low-level industrial interfaces such as: RS232, RS485, CAN2.0B, Software Support for I2C and SPI. Ports, Integrated 1-Wire. Network Master. In the current paper an example implementation of a distributed measurement system, using these advances, is presented. The proposed system measures temperature and humidity, using intelligent sensor SHT71 from Sensirion. The measured data can be observed in real-time or can be stored for future analysis. The client interface is a java applet. From the applet the client can watch current measurements or can set levels for the alarms. These alarms are activated when the measured parameters go out of the pre-set down and up thresholds.

Key words

      Distributed measurements, distributed embedded system, java enabled micro-controller.


      Conference paper, Electronika‘06, Sofia, Bulgaria, (01-02) June 2006, pp. 167-172, ISBN: 954-90209-8-3.


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