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Distributed measurement systems based on java and web technologies


      The paper presents the implementation of a model for Distributed Automation Systems which is experimentally built in the laboratory for Distributed Systems and Computer Networks (http://net-lab.tu-plovdiv.bg/). It discusses the N-tier model and its integration to the filed of distributed automation. The implementation of service-oriented middleware for interaction between tiers in the model is proposed. The system is based on enterprise web portal technology for the realization of presentation tier and web services for interconnection between middle tiers. The implementation is flexible and scalable, by means of using open and popular technologies for enterprise application development and integration. The main aspect of presented system is spreading the work of applications for distributed automation over large distances. In the paper the distribution of automation services . lookup and registration (dynamic UDDI) and program-to-program interaction (SOAP) are discussed. The implemented system can be applied to Distributed Automation Systems and makes the integration of automation and business logic of an enterprise feasible.

Key words

      Distributed Automation, N-tier Models, SOA, Web Services.


      International Conference on Computer systems and technologies – CompSysTech‘06, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, 15-16 June 2006.


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