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A New Web-based Multi-tier Model for Distributed Automation Systems


      In this paper a new Web-based multi-tier model for Distributed Automation Systems is proposed. The presented model is constructed for scalability, flexibility and platform independence. Based on the model, integration of automation and business information systems is attained. The model consists of four tiers: Client tier, Presentation tier, Services tier and Data tier. To achieve reliability and security a functional separation of the services. roles is suggested.
      The clients‘ interaction with the system is based on standard HTTP. The Presentation tier is implemented using J2EE technology and acts as point of presence for the services provided by the Services tier. The main application logic of the model is located on the Services tier. The communication between Presentation and Services tiers is based on XML encoded messages. The Data tier incorporates Databases and Controller Networks.

Key words

      Multi-tier model, Distributed Automation systems, J2EE, XML


      Kakanakov, N., M. Shopov, and G. Spasov. "A New Web-based Multi-tier Model for Distributed Automation Systems", Journal of Information Technologies and Control, Vol. IV, no. 2, 2006, pp.44-48, ISSN: 1312-2622.