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Development of a system for "Home Control on Fingertips"


      Nowadays, advanced technology devices are all around us. We take them for granted and we are using them in all spheres of social life. We decided to combine the fast development of technology and daily human habits in a centralized system that we called "Home Control on Fingertips" (HOCFIT). The System is designed in hierarchical three-layer model: master, sub-masters, and end devices. Each of them has their features and suitable interfaces to communicate with each other. Master accepts the commands from the authorized user and transmits it to the definite sub-master and the sub-master manipulates the end-device. The communication softwareis based on the TCP/IP protocol stack.       The advantage of this system lies in the universal design, which allows easy and fast future development when connecting new devices for control or data acquisition as well as expansion of the system's functionality. The extendibility and flexibility of the system are assured using popular technologies like Bluetooth, integrated in GSMs, PDAs, Notebooks, etc. and IrDA, used in every remote control, almost every new domestic appliance have today.

Key words

      home automation, distributed embedded systems, home networking.


      Conference paper, The Fourteenth International Scientific and Applied Science Conference - Electronics ET‘05, Bulgaria, Sozopol 21 - 23 September 2005.


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