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Building a custom image

PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2011 5:03 pm
by mladen
Ångström images can be customized to satisfy particular requirements. Building a custom image is simple like building of custom recipe. We are going to use minimal-image as template, but in addition to add some extra packages
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mkdir -p /angstrom/sources/local/recipes/images

Add new file for custom image
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nano /angstrom/sources/local/recipes/images/

with the following content
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require ${BBFILE_PATTERN_oe}/recipes/images/

        jamvm \
        nano \
        librxtx-jni \
        mladen \

export IMAGE_BASENAME = "minimal-osgi"

By creating a custom image, a developer has total control over the contents of the image. It is important use the correct names of packages in the “IMAGE_INSTALL” variable. The names must be in the OpenEmbedded notation instead of Debian notation, for example "glibc-dev" instead of "libc6-dev" etc. Run building of image:
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bitbake minimal-osgi

After building image file could be found here:
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